Quality Control

As a professional diamond blade manufacturer, Lanhai Tools Values evidence of customers satisfaction on our products and service.

Lanhai Tools emphasize high quality both in products and customer service throughout the production and technology to guarantee our high quality products and high level service, which have obtained delightful recognition on the market, Representing the new generation of diamond tools in China. Our Main reason is in the strict control of the whole supply chain, From the diamond procurement to after-sales service, we can fully meet our customers requirements on aspects of self-management on exploration, production and distribution of diamond tools.

Trained Personnel

One importance of quality improvement in products and customer service lies in our professional knowledge and initiative of our personnel, Regular seminars and training are carried out for Lanhais personnel to learn the latest knowledge on machinery, technology, production, marketing and management, which offer them opportunities to flexibly deal with changing needs on the market, so as to ensure superior quality in not only products but also customer service.

Lanhai Tools has also organized teams devoted in the quality improvement of both products and customer service in every department to play a vital part of our quality control system, These teams are encouraged to compete in terms of contributing their initiative and effort to the quality, improvement.

Qualified Equipment

In addition to our highly qualified and active personnel, we also unremittingly make investment in the latest manufacturing equipment, computerized system and research and development facilities, Lanhai Tools only develops,manufactures and sells secured products, which have our unique and vital features of lower noise, less dust, more sharpness and better durability then other similar products from other companies.

Guaranteed System

Moreover, Lanhai Tools Possesses strict quality system, including IQC(Incoming Quality Control), IPQC(Input Process Quality Control), Physical Test, Pressure Test and FQC(Finished Quality Control)

1. IQC(Incoming Quality Control)

Systematical sample check on the incoming materials in terms of the physical property and chemical property,including the stereo-structure of mono crystalline, purity, intensity and the fineness of metal power,etc.

2. IPQC(input Process Quality Control)

Monitor on the whole process from raw materials procurement to packaging delivery, guaranteeing the high standard is abide in every step of process;

3. Physical Test

Detection on the size, weight, hardness and abradability of the diamond segment; measurement on the balance and size of the diamond saw blade;

4. Pressure Test

Automatic pressure test machine acting on the diamond segment with 20KG impacting force to test the bonding strength is fixed on the diamond blade when leaving factory.

5. FQC( Finished Quality Control)

Final quality check on the appearance, size and packaging, etc of the diamond blade leaving factory, ensuring the conformity to customers requirements.